How To Know If You Are An Emotional Eater

January 27, 2011

TweetIn my eBook, The Secret To Ending Overeating For Good, I explain why most overeating is due to emotional eating.  In a recent blog the writer provides 11 signs that one is an emotional eater. Check it out and see if you fit the profile. “Overeating is emotional by nature. We simply aren’t programmed to […]

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Most Overeating Is Emotional Eating

January 18, 2011

Tweet Although the term “emotional eating” is still not in common usage, more and more people are realizing that overeating is almost always the result of eating for emotional reasons, as distinct from eating when hungry. If you ask Google to notify you about every blog post or article published on the Internet on “emotional […]

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How “Non-eating” Beliefs Cause Emotional Eating

January 13, 2011

Tweet A session with an emotional eating client today made it very clear how beliefs that had nothing directly to do with eating, weight, or food ultimately could lead to an overeating problem. The client had de-conditioned eating when any one of about 20 triggers were present and she had eliminated about 10 beliefs about […]

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How Our Parents Can Unwittingly Cause Emotional Eating Problems

January 4, 2011

Tweet Most overeating is the result of emotional eating.  And a significant cause of all emotional eating is conditioning.  In other words, eating becomes a conditioned response to a number of triggers, such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, and feeling unlovable.  When those triggers appear in your life, you are conditioned to want to eat. In […]

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Why Do People Gain All Their Weight Back After A Diet?

December 30, 2010

Tweet It isn’t that difficult to lose weight on a diet.  There are many diets that will produce a weight loss if followed rigorously.  The problem, as people with an emotional eating problem know all too well, is that when you stop dieting, the weight usually comes back even faster than it left. Why? When […]

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I Am Someone With A Weight Problem

December 23, 2010

Tweet   Many people with an emotional eating problem can’t even imagine themselves not obsessing about food and eating all the time.  It has become a part of their identity. As Geneen Roth put it in her book, Women, Food and God, as long as you have an eating problem, “you always have something to […]

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Unconsciousness Is What’s Important, Not The Food

December 15, 2010

Tweet Most people who overeat claim that they eat because “it just tastes good.”  But food tastes good to everyone, not just people with an emotional eating problem.  So that can’t really be the reason. Geneen Roth, in her best-selling book, Women, Food and God, perceptively points out the real underlying issue in all cases […]

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Why Has It Been So Difficult To Stop Emotional Eating?

October 20, 2010

TweetSo many people with an emotional eating problem have tried so many diets and pills and eating programs that they are now skeptical that anything can help them stop emotional eating for good. That conclusion is understandable. They have been disappointed so many times. It would make sense to now believe that anyone’s claims about […]

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What Role Do Beliefs Play In Emotional Eating?

October 16, 2010

TweetOriginally I had thought, because getting rid of beliefs never stopped emotional eating and because de-conditioning did with most clients, beliefs had nothing to do with emotional eating. That was a logical fallacy on my part. Just because beliefs are not the sole cause of emotional eating doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be a partial […]

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Why Do Most People Fail At Ending Their Emotional Eating?

October 15, 2010

TweetEmotional eating is a problem that keeps many people from enjoying vibrant health and causes anguish and feelings of helplessness for many. As a result, therapists, coaches, and self-help authors have tried to help emotional eaters stop overeating in response to emotions. And unfortunately all of them have failed you. Why? Because they didn’t fully […]

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