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September 22, 2011


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Emotional Eating Is An Adaptive Behavior

September 7, 2011

TweetNOTE: I’m sorry that I have not posted to this blog in the past couple of months. We have been busy creating new products and services that will help people transform their lives, including an on-line course to teach people how to eliminate beliefs on their own. I intend to post information about this topic […]

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Emotional Eating Can Manifest in Different Ways

July 7, 2011

TweetThe single best book I’ve read for understanding all aspects of emotional eating is Geneen Roth’s best-seller, Women, Food and God. Here are two approaches to emotional eating as she describes them: … there are two kinds of compulsive eaters: Restrictors and Permitters. Restrictors believe in control. Of themselves, their food intake, their environment. And […]

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Research Validates Our Approach

June 8, 2011

TweetA reader of my eBook on emotional eating, Susan Vendeland, just posted on my blog.  Because she points out that a lot of current research validates my approach for eliminating overeating, I wanted to share it with you. “Thank you for your generous sharing of your report. [] I began teaching a college course this […]

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You Don’t Need A Crutch

April 14, 2011

TweetEmotional eating is the way we cope with negative feelings we don’t want to feel. By eating, even when we aren’t hungry, we get distracted from the feelings we don’t want to feel and experience a pleasurable feeling instead. These negative feelings ultimately become conditioned and act as “triggers” that result in automatic, compulsive overeating. […]

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She was gaining weight again

March 23, 2011

TweetA week or so ago I called a woman who had been a client of mine several months earlier about her emotional eating problem. She had used the Lefkoe De-conditioning Process to get rid of all the triggers we could find and the Lefkoe Belief Process to eliminate all the relevant beliefs.  For several months […]

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Why Are Sweets A Particular Problem For Emotional Eaters?

March 1, 2011

TweetMany emotional eaters don’t care what they eat when they are triggered with a negative feeling.  They eat whatever they can find in the kitchen because they have been conditioned to eat. Other emotional eaters specifically crave sweets.  They will eat non-sweets if that is all that’s available, but they prefer sweets when they have […]

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Why Do You Keep Eating After You’re Full?

February 20, 2011

TweetIn order to understand why people with an emotional eating problem keep eating after they are full, you have to understand what eating means to them. Emotional eaters don’t want to face unpleasantness in their lives.  They don’t want to feel any negative feelings.  So they eat to get a pleasurable distraction from the feelings, […]

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It’s About Escape, Not Food

February 11, 2011

TweetIf you truly want to understand the nature of emotional eating, you should study Geneen Roth’s best-selling book, Women, Food and God. It is beautifully written and filled with really useful information. “I tell them [people in my retreats]that if compulsive eating is anything, it’s a way we leave ourselves when life gets hard.  When […]

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Weight Problems Are NOT Inherited

February 3, 2011

TweetAccording to a recent article in The News & Observer (Raleigh-Durham, NC) that was reprinted by the Life Extension Institute, research is now showing that much emotional eating is due to our genes. “Rich foods work much like heroin on the brain, making it hard to stop eating them. A recent study indicates a genetic […]

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